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Businesses need a contiguous network spread around the city, state, nation, the world. It needs to be secure and that is where VPN technology comes into play. It encrypts data in such a way the that it is impossible to decode the messages.

If you have multiple locations you can connect them seamlessly with VPN tunnels. For your business locations we setup site to site VPN connections and remote access connections for employees that are not at the office.

And for those remote connections you can add in dual factor authentication to keep would be hackers at bay even if they have a stolen laptop or phone.

AHD can help

We support both hardware and virtualized VPN solutions via Cisco, Sonicwall, pfSense, OpnSense, and ASAv.

In small business and med enterprise it is hard to beat Cisco for stability and market presence. But cost effective and "good enough" solutions can be found in their free opensource couterparts.

Whichever you choose rest assured that your network communications are protected with established vendors such as Cisco.

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