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When you Virtualize your servers they become a handful of files. Backups, upgrades, patching are no longer wrought with worry. You can even move your virtual computers to the cloud and run your infrastructure from there.

I can't think of anything bad about virtualizing your servers, or your workstations for that matter. Imagine your work computer being a handful of files on a removeable drive.

While your at it virtualize your workstation also. Imagine having your work computer stored on a small usb drive on your keyring safe and encrypted in case somebody stole it or you lost it. You wouldn't have to worry about it crashing or being stollen.

AHD can help

The platforms we officially support are VMware vSphere, VMware Workstation, and Virtualbox. VMware is by far and away the major player and undisputed 500 lb gorrilla in most Corporate networks. And Virtualbox, it's free and runs on every platform. Windows, Mac, and Linux.

When it comes to virtualization in the Cloud however Amazon is the powerhouse of choice. So when running in the cloud we support Amazon. We go where it's safest to opperate and where the best support is. In the cloud that's Amazon. In your server room, that's VMware.

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