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Without proper security a talented hacker or disgruntled employee in your network can do a great deal of damage. Dealing after the fact is more costly than dealing with it beforehand. It's a reality these days that's it's usually only a matter of time.

In a trusting world we wouldn't have to worry about these things and honestly we'd all just like to be able to trust people and be done with it. Unfortunatley that just does not pan out as often as we'd like.

Now, too much security is like shoe horning yourself into skinny jeans. It's very restrictive and you are not flexible. Having nothing leaves you exposed and vulnerable.

AHD can help

We want the right level of security for you. And always, something is better than nothing. And it being transparent as possible is best.

If you can't get to something chances are people can't hurt themselves and it keeps the honest honest. The best security. Monitoring activity can help also.

A combination of IDS/IPS, Web content filtering, and firewalls, email filters, Network partitioning, etc will go a long way towards avoiding security events both known and unknown.

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