Austin Help Desk

Whether your infrastructure is local or in the cloud you still need network hardware to get you there. It's the connections for your employees that get them securely to the right place.

And network design is like city road planning. Don't plan right and they become a frustrating and congested choke point. Poorly designed networks make getting your work done a burden and frustrating.

We design your network for now and into the future. When you come to us and say "Alright, we are ready to expand" we can say with confidence we were ready from day one. We'll take you there and do so with confidence.

AHD can help

AHD will build a network from the wall plug all the way to your edge connected to the Internet. And we plan for your network to continue scaling and grow across many locations as you continue to grow.

We run the wiring, design and configure the network equipment, and monitor it for any hints of security issues or pending problems.

We officially support Cisco and Ubiquiti. Ubiquiti being the cost effective route which is stable. Just not as many bells and whistles. Both are stable platforms for business.

AHD    512-766-8088