Austin Help Desk

We have over 1 million networks designed for our customers with each having tens of thousands of workstations, phones, printers, security, conference rooms and more for your use. Not that your network need be large.

We can accomodate a business network of one or of thousands. If you only have a few employees you won't end up painted into a corner when your business grows and with us having so many networks we won't be either.

We'll build and maintain your infrastructure out of blended technologies that suit how you can work best. Built on strong industry standard solutions.

Don't be shy, think big. AHD will be with you along the way making sure the Internet of things never becomes a roadblock.

AHD can help

From the users finger tips to the edge of your network connected to the Internet we will build and grow the infrastructure.

AHD    512-766-8088