Austin Help Desk

For now it's just me, a single person, Hi my name is Vince. Austinhelpdesk.com (AHD) is about technology and infrastructure both large and small.

We live in an "Instant Information Gratification" world. Business and customer relationships are built in the time it takes to click a mouse. For AHD we build the infrastructure that powers it and we know what it takes technically to make the connections happen.

And I am a believer in using open source software and methods when possible. It powers businesses such as Amazon and Google. It can help you on costs and empower your business.


We will bring Enterprise class ideas to small and medium businesses.


We think outside of the box when it comes to solutions. Traditional approaches are there but we like to continually re-evaluate how we achieve our goals and solve your problems.


And as we grow we plan on keeping teams small and focused so that they can better serve customer needs.


Uniformity, Simplicity, and Common Sense make for the best possible results. We try not to over complicate things.


A single ubiquitous appliance that maintains many common business functions. Everything from phones to VPN. Something that can easily be replaced.

AHD    512-766-8088